Human foods toxic to cats

This article looks at some of the most common foods which are dangerous to cats. While most of the foods on this list should be completely avoided, some, such as vegetables are fine to give but in moderation.

Vaccine Associated Sarcoma in Cats

Vaccine associated sarcoma in cats   Also commonly known as injection site sarcoma, vaxosarcoma or vaccine site sarcoma, injection site sarcoma is an rare but aggressive type of cancer which is linked to vaccinations, especially rabies and feline leukemia vaccines. [1] VAS were first observed in the late 1980’s and a link was made between […]

How to determine the age of a kitten

How to Determine the Age of a Kitten

Birth: At birth, they usually weigh between 90 – 100 grams. 0 – 3 days: The umbilical cord is still attached and the eyes are sealed shut. 7 – 10 days. The eyes begin to open. 2 – 3 weeks: The kitten begins to stand, the eyes and ears open. 4 weeks: The kitten begins […]

Siberian Cat Breed Information

Siberian introduction into Australia My first introduction to this magnificent cat was via Russian judge Yanina Melnikova who was visiting our country in July 2001. Whilst sharing a meal with her she showed us some photographs depicting how shows were done in her country and amongst her photos she proceeded to show me several photos […]

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