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Petting induced aggression in cats

Petting Induced Aggression in Cats

Petting-induced aggression common problem many cat owners experience. One minute you are enjoying some time petting your cat and all of a sudden he turns around, takes a bite or swipe and then runs off and hides. The cause of this behaviour is unknown although it is theorised that some cats can only accept a […]

pet and show quality cats

Pet and Show Quality Cats

When looking for a purebred cat you may hear the terms pet or show quality. These descriptions refer to the breed standard. The breed standard is a set of guidelines which describes the ideal characteristics of each particular breed. Points are assigned in a number of areas such as head, eyes, ears, tail, coat, condition […]

tick alert

Tick Alert

Image matt the monkey, Flickr Tick season is now upon us and it is time for all cat and dog owners to be alert to these potentially fatal parasites. This article looks at how to check for ticks, preventing ticks, symptoms of tick poisoning and how to safely remove ticks from your pet.

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