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Peterbald Breed Profile

Peterbald cat

Peterbald cats at a glance

Playfulness ****
Energy ****
Shedding *
Friendliness *****
Lifespan ****
Health ****
Talkative ****
Good with dogs ****
Child-friendly ****
Intelligence *****

History of the Peterbald:

Peterbald cat
Image Tashikicky, Flickr

Also known as the St Petersburg Hairless, the Peterbald is another man made breed. Originating from St Petersburg, Russia in 1994, the breed was created by crossing a Don Sphynx (also known as Donskoy) male to an Oriental female.

The first two litters produced two bald Peterbald kittens which were to become the foundation stock for the breed.

Unlike the Sphynx cat, who need two copies of the gene to be hairless, the gene responsible for hairlessness in the Peterbald is dominant. Therefore only one parent needs to carry the gene to pass it on to the offspring. Allowable outcrosses are the Siamese and the Oriental.

The Peterbald was accepted for registration with TICA in 1997.

Appearance of the Peterbald:

The Peterbald is a long, lithe and elegant cat reflecting its Oriental heritage. They have fine boning but are still a muscular cat. The legs are long and fine boned leading to small, oval shaped paws. The tail is long, tapering and whip like.

The head is wedge-shaped with large, wide-set ears, eyes are almond-shaped and medium in size, the neck is long and slender.

The Peterbald comes in several coat types and in all colours and patterns.

  • Bald - Completely hairless.

  • Flock - Down like peach like fuzz.

  • Velour - Shorthairs between 1 - 5mm in length.

  • Brush coat - Hair is wiry or wavy in appearance and dense, it is between 5-15mm long.

  • Straight coat - These cats have a normal coat.

Peterbald temperament:

Peterbald catThe Peterbald is an intelligent and affectionate breed of cat. They bond closely with their human companions and like to be close by.

They are active, playful, inquisitive, and sociable. They get along with people, including children and other pets. They make an exceptional family pet.

It is said that the Peterbald is quite a talkative cat.

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Peterbald Breed Profile | Cat Breeds
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Peterbald Breed Profile | Cat Breeds