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RagaMuffin Breed Profile

History of the RagaMuffin:

RagaMuffinThe history of the RagaMuffin isn't completely documented but what is known is that the breed originated from the Ragdoll cat. This occurred when a group of Ragdoll breeders splintered from the International Ragdoll Cat Association, a group owned and run by Ann Baker, the "creator" of the Ragdoll breed. Ann had always been extremely controlling over this group and how the Ragdoll breed (then named the Cherubim) progressed.

The IRCA was a private registry, Ann received royalties from each Ragdoll kitten sold and made breeding decisions on behalf of the members. By 1993 a group of breeders tried to persuade a then terminally ill Ann to hand over the running of the IRCA to them, however, she refused. It was then that some breeders (Janet Klarmann, Curt Gehm and Kim Clark) left the group and pushing forward with having the Ragdoll cat accepted with the mainstream cat associations. 

At this time, there were many Ragdolls with different coat patterns, when the group splintered, they had agreed not to use the name Ragdoll (which Ann had trademarked), so came up with the name RagaMuffin. Curt Gehm is credited with choosing the name RagaMuffin. The breed was granted "experimental breed" status with the ACFA. The CFA accepted the RagaMuffin for registration in 2003 and full championship status in 2010.

Due to the small gene pool, outcrossing with Persians, Himalayans, and domestic longhairs was permitted. This ended with ACFA registered cats in 2010.

The Ragdoll is only a colour pointed breed, the RagaMuffin come in a variety of non-pointed colours as well as colour pointed (the CFA don't accept colour pointed RagaMuffins).

Appearance of the RagaMuffin:

The RagaMuffin is a large breed of cat with a long, dense and luxurious coat. The hair is longer around the face and neck. The body muscular with a broad chest and strong shoulders.

The broad head is a modified wedge and moderate in length, there is a noticeable nose break, large, walnut-shaped eyes are set wide apart and can be found in a range of colours. Ears are medium sized and should be tilted slightly forward.

The RagaMuffin reaches full maturity around four years of age. Males are noticeably larger than females.

Temperament of the RagaMuffin:

The RagaMuffin is a beautifully sweet natured breed of cat. They are extremely intelligent, affectionate, loving and people oriented. They get along well with children and other pets and make an exceptional family pet.

They are not as athletic or energetic as some of the other cat breeds and have a habit of going floppy when picked up. That's not to say they don't enjoy playing, though, due to their slow maturity, the RagaMuffin retains a kitten-like playfulness for many years.

Due to their extremely trusting nature, RagaMuffins should not be allowed to roam outside on their own. There are too many dangers such as cars and dogs.


The long hair will require daily grooming to avoid matts. This should only take 5-10 minutes.


12-14 years.

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RagaMuffin Breed Profile | Cat Breeds
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RagaMuffin Breed Profile | Cat Breeds