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Best Cat Breeds For Senior Citizens

Seniors are more likely to want a mellow cat over an active one. There are a number of cat breeds who are much more laid back, some are still affectionate and love a lap, others are a little more independent.


Longhaired cats:

Bear in mind that some of these breeds have long hair and will require regular grooming (either by you or a pet groomer) to ensure their coat remains mat free. Mats are more than just a nuisance, they can become quite painful as the tangled up fur eventually begins to pull on the skin.

Senior cats:

Most kittens, even those from the breeds listed below are playful and active. Some breeds remain active well into middle age while others tend to calm down fairly early on. It may be worth considering an older cat if you would like to avoid the playful kitten stage. Breeders sometimes look to re-home ex-breeding cats once they are a few years old and shelters are always full of adult cats looking for a second chance in life.


Coat: Longhair
Activity: Moderate

The Birman is an affectionate, gentle and intelligent cat. They are known to be playful, but not over the top. They enjoy the company of people and can be known to form a close bond with one person in particular.

Birman cat

Coat: Longhair
Activity: Moderate

The Ragdoll is a loving and placid cat who is known for his affectionate and laid back personality. They love to follow you around the house and "help" with anything you may be doing.

Ragdoll cat
British Shorthair

Coat: Shorthair
Activity: Moderate

The "teddy bear" of the cat family. British Shorthairs are a good natured breed of cat, while playful as a kitten, they tend to mellow out quickly. They are independent in nature and happy to spend their days happily amusing themselves (often snoozing).

British Shorthair
Russian Blue

Coat: Shorthair
Activity: Quiet

Russian Blues are a quiet but loving breed of cat. They like to be close to their human companions but generally stay out of trouble. The Russian is not an overly active cat and gets on well with people, children, and other pets.

Moggy (domestic shorthair)

Coat: Shorthair or long hair
Activity: Varies

Moggies come in all shapes and sizes, some are active, some are more laid back. The best place to adopt a moggy is from your shelter, where they can match you with the right cat to suit your needs. An older moggy is a great idea for people looking for a quieter and more laid back cat.

Domestic cat

Coat: Longhair
Activity: Quiet

Persians are sweet and gentle cats. They are extremely affectionate and bond well with humans. They get along well with other pets and people but tend to avoid boisterous younger children.

Persian cat

Coat: Shorthair or Longhair
Activity: Moderate

The Burmilla came about from an accidental mating between a Chinchilla (silver Persian), and a Burmese, but is now a breed in their own right. They are more active than the Persian but quieter than the Burmese. Playful without being overly active. Burmillas are affectionate, gentle and enjoy being a part of the family.

Burmilla cat
Scottish Fold

Coat: Shorthair
Activity: Moderate

The Scottish fold is a quiet, loyal and intelligent breed of cat. They get on well with people and other pets.

Scottish Fold

Coat: Shorthair
Activity: Moderate

Snowshoes are sweet-tempered, intelligent, and loyal. They get along well with people and other pets. They are more vocal than other breeds listed on this page, but not as noisy as their Siamese cousins.

Snowshoe cat

Coat: Shorthair
Activity: Moderate

The Exotic is a short haired Persian. They are a little livelier than their Persian cousins but still considered to be a laid back and quiet cat. They are a quiet breed, but when they do talk, it is said to be soft and pleasant.

Exotic cat

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Best Cat Breeds For Senior Citizens | General Cat Articles
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Best Cat Breeds For Senior Citizens | General Cat Articles