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Burmilla Cat Breed Profile

The Burmilla  came about as the result of an accidental mating between a Lilac Burmese female (Bambino Lilac Faberge) and a Silver Chinchilla male (Jemari Sanquist). In 1981 Miranda Bickford-Smith (Astahazy Cattery) had purchased a Silver Chinchilla (Sanquist) as a pet for her husband. Faberge came into season and was isolated but a cleaner accidentally left Faberge's door open and she was able to escape and pay a visit to Sanquist.  The result of this mating produced 4 female kittens, all short haired and Black Shaded Silver in colour.

Burmilla cat Burmilla cat

These stunning kittens had a spectacular temperament and there was much interest in the cat world in them. It wad decided to begin a controlled breeding programme.

In 1984 a Burmilla standard was agreed and the breed received official recognition in 1997.

Appearance of the Burmilla Cat:

The Burmilla is a medium sized cat, with a physique similar to that of a Burmese. It has a short, dense and silky coat. A stunning feature of the Burmilla is the dark pencilling around its beautiful green eyes which makes it look as though it's wearing eyeliner.

Due to having Chinchilla in their lines, Burmillas can carry the longhaired gene. This means that it is possible for longhaired kittens to be born to short-haired parents. Longhaired Burmillas are their own breed.

Burmilla Cat Temperament:

The Burmilla has the best features of both the Burmese and the Chinchilla. They have the playful nature of the Burmese without being overly active, and the quiet laid back nature of the Chinchilla. Burmillas love to play and access to toys and scratching posts are important, as is daily attention from their owners as they are an affectionate cat and enjoy being a part of the family.

Words used to describe the Burmilla include intelligent, playful, affectionate, gentle, sweet-tempered.

Burmilla Colours:

The Burmilla comes in 5 colours of either shaded or tipped:  Black, Blue, Brown Chocolate and Lilac.

Special Requirements:

The Burmilla has no special requirements. A weekly groom will help remove dead hairs from the coat.

Suitable For:

With their medium energy level and laid back nature Burmillas are ideal for singles, families and the elderly.

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Burmilla Cat Breed Profile | Cat Breeds
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Burmilla Cat Breed Profile | Cat Breeds