Feeding fussy cats

Feeding Advice For Fussy Cats

Unlike dogs, cat have a reputation for being somewhat fussy when it comes to food. I think this is somewhat of a mismoner. Cats aren’t intentionally fussy, there’s always a reason why a cat becomes fussy over food. This article looks at common causes of food rejection in cats and what you can do to […]

What Do Cats Drink – Water or Milk?

Cat Products Which Should Be Regularly Replaced

We all the best for our cats, this article looks at cat equipment, why and how often it should be replaced.

Pica & Wool Sucking in Cats

Keeping Cats Out Of Baby’s Cot

How To Keep Cats Off Kitchen Counters

Keeping Cats Off Houseplants

Disinfectants and Cats – What is Safe and Toxic

What are disinfectants?   Do not use   Use with caution   Safe to use   How to disinfect   Safety guidelines What are disinfectants? Disinfectants are chemicals for use in the home to kill microorganisms. Such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites, and fungi. They are an essential part of feline husbandry and help to keep cats and people safe […]

Home Remedies For Hairballs In Cats

pet and show quality cats

Hypoallergenic Cats – Do They Exist?

Cat allergy facts   What causes cat allergies   Why can some allergic people tolerate rex cats?   How can I reduce allergen levels in my cat and home? Cat allergy facts Before I discuss what is causing the allergies I have some interesting facts for you. Around 2-15% of the world’s population is allergic to cats and […]

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