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Bengal Kitten- Steps In Poop!

Poop bengal litter issues mucus

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 01:28 AM



I am a recent bengal owner, only had my girl (Nara) for 5 weeks now. At first her transition was rough, she missed the litter box a lot and peed on anything soft. Took her to the vet and after changing litterbox types and locations, she hasn't had an accident in two weeks!


BUT, she has an interesting habit of stepping all in her poop. It is a bit soft, but seems pretty normal.. She mushes her paws in it! The box is large and cleaned frequently so I don't think that's the issue. Another thing - I've noticed when she poops, there's a string of yellowish mucus at the end. She's very playful and happy, she eats on a regular schedule and eats a combo of Royal Canin wet and dry food mixed.


Any suggestions for how to get her to stop stepping in her poop and what I should do about the mucus? I've read stuff about worms... maybe that's the issue?


Also, any suggestions on a self cleaning litterbox with high walls- she kicks all of her litter out of her box, but didn't like the tall walled box I bought...



Thanks for the help!!




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