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Inappropriate Urination And Scratching

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Posted 13 July 2015 - 09:42 PM

Hi All,


Long time since I have posted, but I am after some help with my 2 ragdolls


Problem 1

Archie is 5 years old and has had feline lower urinary tract disease since about 6 months of age. He is managed on the urinary s/o food, but still manages to have a UTI flare up every 6 months. When he has a flare up he usually pee's in lots of different places. We used to live in a carpeted house, but had to move because he had so many flare ups when he was young (about 4 in 6 months during the first year) that he started peeing on certain carpet spots all the time not even when he had a UTI. We had to move from the rental because he was demolishing the carpet. We tried changing litters incase he associated one kitty litter with UTI pain, tried putting the litter trays in the spots he pee's on, but it didnt help so we had to move. We always cleaned the carpet with diluted vinegar plus biozet and/or urine off.


In our current house we only have tiles and floor boards, no rugs or carpet. We find that we cannot leave any material; clothes, towels, etc on the floor in the laundry or bathroom (tiled) because 97% of the time he will pee on it that day. A 100% chance that hewill pee on our dogs bed or blanket even though they get on well, probably a 50% chance of him peeing on clothes on the floor in our bedroom, 50% chance of peeing in the bath even if there is nothing in there, 20% chance peeing on material on the floor elsewhere in the house. We have 2 litter trays of oz pet, regularly cleaned. He gets on really well with our dog, and loves our other ragdoll Nala.


What I am thinking is that this peeing is more behavioural now, we can tell when it is a UTI. It is getting really stressful because he has recently pee'd on some guests clothes/bags in our guest rooms, the pillows on the lounge, and blankets on the lounge with is all new. We have tried nealy everything, I have ordered some feliway, but I am at a loss of what to do. It is getting really frustrating and hubby is getting pretty sick of washing stuff every day. Is there anything else we can try to stop this? One day we would love to have rugs and carpet in our house, but likely cant with him. We love him so much, but this peeing is getting out of hand!! Any help greatly appreciated!!!!


My problem number 2 is with Nala our 4 year old ragdoll. She is so bad at using furniture as a scratching post. She will use the scratching post, but will also scratch anything else she can find. We recently purchased a pleather lounge and it is demolished now from her scratching (and why we have pillows and blankets all over it that Archie pees on. Water squirters done work on her, neight does a loud ah ah.