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Introducing A New Cat - Deja Vu Edition

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#1 Jeff K

Jeff K


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Posted 25 March 2016 - 06:22 PM

It's amazing how time flies... I was last here in 2010, asking for (and receiving) advice on introducing our newly acquired Maine Coon boy, Ky to our other two cats, Norton and April. Sadly Ky lost his battle with lymphoma this past Christmas.

Fate being what it is, soon after we were in the right place at the right time to become parents to a beautiful 18 month old Maine Coon girl named Xanadu (Xanni).

Xanni's has been with us nearly eight weeks now and I was coming back here to ask for some advice on introducing her to April and Norton. Looking at my previous posts about Ky, I found that they were almost word for word what I was going to write about Xanni. Serious déjà vu.

There are some differences though and I'd still value some advice from the collective wisdom here.

Just like five years ago, as long as Xanni isn't trying to eat his food or steal his sunshine, Norton could care less. Xanni vs April is a completely different thing. With Ky, April was hissy and belligerent but Ky was twice her age and not interested in fighting. They settled their differences within a week or so.

We've tried a couple of slow introductions and this time around, April is eight years old and just as hissy and antagonistic but Xanni is equally happy to growl and hiss. Unfortunately, Xanni is timid and all talk so she runs every time and the chase is on.

We're trying to feed them opposite sides of the mesh barrier we've set up outside Xanni's room so they get used to each other but Xanni is in a room where she can avoid even seeing April, and so just waits for April to finish eating and wander off - as a result, they never actually do more than glare and growl at each other through the barrier from time to time.

The couple of times we've tried a face to face intro it's started well but ended in disaster.

Any thoughts? We're doing the whole slow introduction thing and it's worked in the past, but these two just don't seem to want to follow the script..

#2 Analog6


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Posted 26 March 2016 - 06:23 AM

I have this trouble with Honey and Yoda, and to a lesser extent Farida.  Honey runs and they chase her.  I think Farida would settle with her, but Yoda is a bully and when he gets too aggressive he bites, which has caused 4 vet visits to date (in several years).  Cut to the chase, we've had to separate permanently.  We have the three girls, who get along, more or less, with the odd hiss and swipe, and the dynamic duo.  I'm afraid it's never the twain shall meet.  You may find you end up the same way.  It's fiddly but it works.

#3 Jeff K

Jeff K


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Posted 26 March 2016 - 06:54 AM

I'm trying not to even think of it coming to that. Hopefully, because April is behaving exactly the same way as last time, I think she will she will settle if Xanni learns to let her be.

Given that April has shared her home with two other cats and Xanni has grown up with other cats around her all the time, you'd think they'd be more open to sharing their space - but no, they're both being antisocial and waiting to see who cracks first.

I know I should let things happen at their own pace but I'm seriously considering putting them both somewhere they can't reach each other but can't avoid seeing each other either and leaving them that way until they get over themselves.

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#4 Poppi


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Posted 28 March 2016 - 12:52 PM

I am very sorry to hear that you had to say goodbye to Ky.


April and Xanni haven't really seen enough of each other to develop any form of friendship.  Eight weeks of the two of them being able to see each other albeit briefly, time to move further in their introductions.


If you can as you said put them somewhere they can see each other all the time but can't in anyway have physical contact could be the way to go.  If this is too fast in the introduction process you could put an igloo in the space for Xanni and if you think April might need something put one in her space.  Please make sure that they cannot under any circumstance have physical contact. 


Good Luck