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Older Kitten Getting Fever And Shivering After Eating

fever shivering

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#1 Guylian



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Posted 25 December 2016 - 05:30 PM

Asking for a friend. Has anyone else come across a cause for an older kitten repeatedly shivering and having a high fever after he's eaten? He's perfectly ok otherwise, running around like mad and playing like he should be, but after he eats he sits in a ball and shivers. My friend is working with her vets to try and figure this out but they don't know what's going on. Kitten's background is that he was rescued without his mum and bottle fed from before a week old. He has had numerous health problems because of this but the shivering after eating is a new one with no ideas why.


My friend writes: he's about four/five months old, he's had full vaccinations. the idiopathic high temps with accompanying shivering and throwing up started at about 5-6 weeks old, he's been treated with clavulox (respiratory antibiotic), Flagyl (gut antibiotic) and a baycox specific for coccidia. went to adopters fully healthy, and then it started up again.

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#2 Joy


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Posted 26 December 2016 - 06:17 AM

Mo, I have never heard of this unless eating is causing him pain, but that doesn't explain the high temperature

#3 Rachelle


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Posted 02 February 2017 - 04:33 PM

Hi, is the kitten allergic to the food he's eating?  One of my rescue kittens had something similar, including screaming in pain, and process of elimination was that he was allergic to all the meat proteins, so chicken beef and fish were off the menu.  I had to change his diet dramatically, so he went onto Heinz baby food combined with a lot of mashed veges and silken tofu.  He is now a couple of years old and over that time he has slowly eaten food to increase his tolerance, though there are still some days where he screams in pain again.  it's just a thought.


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