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New Kitten Question

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Posted 10 December 2017 - 12:30 PM

Hi everyone,


I joined Cat World years ago but haven't posted in a very long while.  I am mum to Josie and Bandit, now aged 10, and more recently to Dottie who is 2.5 months old (approx) and who appeared in my front yard over four weeks ago as a tiny little stray with her equally tiny and young mum.  I managed to catch both, have had one round of worming and vaccinations for Dottie and her dear little mummy spayed and re-homed her with a lovely colleague and her children who adore her.  Dottie is settling in now and we are slowly socialising her to Josie and Bandit.


Having not had a kitten for many years, I'd just like a general opinion or some advice regarding Dottie's rear end - she's had runny poo for around 10 days.  It's not watery, just runny and she's happy, playful, eating well and growing and gaining weight. She drinks water quite well on her own and I give her two or three dropper-fulls a couple of times a day, just since this runny bum thing has started, just in case.


So my plan is to take her off the commercial wet food and I've steamed some chicken and white rice for her and I'll re-worm her.

Is there anything else I should be doing or anything anyone can suggest that I haven't thought of?  Thanking you in anticipation of replies.