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Getting Rid Of Fleas In Older Cat


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#1 mario_luigi



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Posted 10 January 2018 - 05:08 AM



I was wondering if anyone has any advice in getting rid of fleas in an older cat.


My burmese cat (Mario) is almost 14 year old. He is an indoor cat.

In the first 13 years, he never had fleas, so I only sometimes gave him flea medication (as prevention, in warmer months).


Early last year we adopted a dog. 

Late last year, I started to notice fleas on the cat, so I applied spot-on flea medication (advocate).

On two occasions, a few days after the flea medication, Mario got really sick and ended up at the vet (pancreatitis).

Prior to this, he never had reaction to this.


He's still scratching, and I noticed a couple of fleas on him the other day (even after the flea medication 1.5 weeks ago).

But I'm too scared to give him any more medication in case something flares up again.


Anyone had experience with similar things before?

I'm also worried that the fleas is everywhere in our house now, give that Mario has been re-infected twice.

I'd like to call pest controller, but my husband is against that (too much chemical he said). Any alternative?


Thank you.





#2 Julia


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Posted 13 January 2018 - 12:49 PM

I found the most effective flea product has been Comfortis. Hope that is of help :)


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