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Hex Colours

Colour Colour name Hex code

Alice blue F0 F8 FF

Antique white FA EB D7

Aqua 00 FF FF

Aquamarine 7F FF D4

Azure F0 FF FF

Beige F5 F5 DC

Bisque FF E4 C4

Black 00 00 00

Blanched Almond FF EB CD

Blue 00 00 FF

Blue Violet 8A 2B E2

Brown A5 2A 2A

Burlywood DE B8 87

Cadet blue 5F 9E A0

Charteuse 7F FF 00

Chocolate D2 69 1E

Coral FF 7F 50

Cornflower blue 64 95 ED

Cornsilk FF F8 DC

Crimson DC 14 3C

Cyan 00 FF FF

Dark blue 00 00 8B

Dark cyan 00 8B 8B

Dark golden rod B8 86 0B

Dark grey A9 A9 A9

Dark green 00 64 00

Darkk haki BD B7 6B

Dark magenta 8B 00 8B

Dark olive green 55 6B 2F

Dark orange FF 8C 00

Dark orchid 99 32 CC

Dark red 8B 00 00

Dark salmon E9 96 7A

Dark sea green 8F BC 8F

Dark slate blue 48 3D 8B

Dark slate grey 2F 4F 4F

Dark turquoise 00 CE D1

Dark violet 94 00 D3

Deep pink FF 14 93

Deep sky blue 00 BF FF

Dim grey 69 69 69

Dodger blue 1E 90 FF

Firebrick B2 22 22

Floralwhite FF FA F0

Forestg reen 22 8B 22

Fuchsia FF 00 FF

Gainsboro DC DC DC

Ghost white F8 F8 FF

Gold FF D7 00

Goldenrod DA A5 20

Grey 80 80 80

Green 00 80 00

Green yellow AD FF 2F

Honeydew F0 FF F0

Hot pink FF 69 B4

Indian red CD 5C 5C

Indigo 4B 00 82

Ivory FF FF F0

Khaki F0 E6 8C

Lavender E6 E6 FA

Lavender blush FF F0 F5

Lawn green 7C FC 00

Lemon chiffon FF FA CD

Light blue AD D8 E6

Light coral F0 80 80

Light cyan E0 FF FF

Light goldenrod yellow FA FA D2

Light green 90 EE 90

Light grey D3 D3 D3

Light pink FF B6 C1

Light salmon FF A0 7A

Light sea green 20 B2 AA

Light sky blue 87 CD FA

Light slate gray 77 88 99

Light steel blue B0 C4 DE

Light yellow FF FF E0

Lime 00 FF 00

Lime green 32 CD 32

Linen FA F0 E6

Magenta FF 00 FF

Maroon 80 00 00

Medium aquamarine 66 CD AA

Medium blue 00 00 CD

Medium orchid BA 55 D3

Medium purple 93 70 DB

Medium sea green 3C B3 71

Medium slate blue 7B 68 EE

Medium spring green 00 FA 9A

Medium turquoise 48 D1 CC

Medium violet red C7 15 85

Midnight blue 19 19 70

Mint cream F5 FF FA

Misty rose FF E4 E1

Navajo white FF DE AD

Navy 00 00 80

Old lace FD F5 E6

Olive 80 80 00

Olive drab 6B 8E 23

Orange FF A5 00

Orange red FF 45 00

Orchid DA 70 D6

Pale goldenrod EE E8 AA

Pale green 98 FB 98

Pale turquoise AF EE EE

Pale violet red DB 70 93

Papaa whip FF EF D5

Peach puff FF DA B9

Peru CD 85 3F

Pink FF C0 CB

Plum DD A0 DD

Powder blue B0 E0 E6

Purple 80 00 80

Red FF 00 00

Rosy brown BC 8F 8F

Royal blue 41 69 E1

Saddle brown 8B 45 13

Salmon FA 80 72

sandybrown F4 A4 60

Sea green 2E 8B 57

Seashell FF F5 EE

Sienna A0 52 2D

Silver C0 C0 C0

Sky blue 87 CE EB

Slate blue 6A 5A CD


Spring green 00 FF 7F

Steel blue 46 82 B4

Tan D2 B4 8C

Teal 00 80 80

Thistle D8 BF D8

Tomato FF 63 47

Turquoise 40 E0 D0

Violet EE 82 EE

Wheat F5 DE B3

White FF FF FF

White smoke F5 F5 F5

Yellow FF FF 00

Yellow green 9A CD 32



Hex Colours | Interesting Stuff
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Hex Colours | Interesting Stuff