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Home Made Stud Pants & Overalls

Stud Pants

Stud pants for cats


1. Lightweight, easily washed fabric (1/2 metre will make 5 pairs) 

2. 5mm Elastic

3. Press Studs (2 for each Stud Pant)

4. Bias Binding (5 metre pkt will edge 3 Stud Pants)

5. Sheet of paper to make your pattern.

Measure your Cat

1. Measure your cat around the waist.

2. Measure from the back waist, through the back legs and to the front waist. This is the total length of your Stud Pants.

Make a Paper Pattern (click on image for larger version)

Stud pants for cats pattern

Add 1/2 cm overall to your pattern to allow for seams.

Mark the total length of your Stud Pants. 

From the back waist, measure 10 cm. This is the top of the tail hole. 

The tail hole is approx 3 cm in diameter. 

The distance between the press studs is half the waist measurement. Allow 2 -3 cms either side
of the press studs for overlap. Also so press studs can be moved for a growing cat. 

Taper off from the press studs to the tail hole to a width of 7 cms, making the front waist the same. By folding your paper pattern in quarters you can trim your pattern so that all sides taper off evenly.


1. Pin your paper pattern to the wrong side of your fabric. 

2. Trace around this pattern using a pen.

3. Mark the Press Stud position. Remove paper pattern and cut out along pen line.

Stud pants for cats

4. Iron one side of the Bias Binding flat.

5. Pin and sew bias binding to the right side of the Fabric all the way around the outside edge, overlapping the ends. Do the same for the tail hole.

Stud pants for cats     Stud pants for cats

6. Clip curved edges. 

Stud pants for cats

7. Turn Bias Binding over to the wrong side and press. Stitch in place. 

Stud pants for cats

8. On the wrong side of fabric, at the top of the stud pants, and using zigzag stitch, sew elastic, lightly stretched between the marked press stud positions. 

9. Hand stitch press studs into position. (Sew press studs on the wrong side at the top, and the right side of fabric at the bottom of the stud pants.) 


Cut a mini-pad in half and stick inside, just below the tail.

Here is a photo of Bizkit modelling some stud pants. 


It may take a few days for your cat to adjust to wearing his Stud Pants, and at first he may refuse to walk, preferring to flop on the floor.

Stud pants for cats


Stud pants for cats

Thanks to Pam for the use of her stud pants pattern, and photos. 

Stud Overalls

Alison of Javeron Devons designed this pattern for stud overalls. She had tried nappies on her stud & he was able to remove them, she figured if he could remove nappies, he would be able to remove stud pants also. Alison bought pillowcases & cut out the pattern below. A sanitary napkin was placed in the overalls, she also used elastic by putting elastic around from the tail to the underneath straps. This helps stop leakage.

Below are instructions (in picture form) of how to make stud overalls. Please click on the image to see the full sized version. 


Here is a photo of Alison's Devon Rex stud "Eric" modelling his overalls.

Alison.jpg (21449 bytes)

Below is Sam of modelling his stud overalls. 

Special thanks to Alison for her design, instructions & photos & Marianna for her photos.



Home Made Stud Pants & Overalls | Interesting Stuff
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Home Made Stud Pants & Overalls | Interesting Stuff