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Ragdoll Cat and Kitten Breeders in Australia

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Ragdoll Breeders - NSW

Award Winning Imported Lines with Temperaments  that will melt your Heart!! Registered Reputable trusted  Breeder of the Worlds most Sought After cat THE ADORABLE RAGDOLL.


Phone: 0417941637
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We are a small cattery in the stunning Hartley valley. We Breed traditional ragdolls and the rare MINKS!! Only breeder of Sepia Ragdolls in Australia. We breed healthy happy kittens.

Contact Brenda for more information.

Hartley, NSW

Phone: 0448086614

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We are registered breeders with NSWCFA.
Our kittens are raised in our loving home.
We breed for quality and temperament.
We guarantee our ragdolls are beautiful, affectionate and healthy.


Melisa Wiggins
Phone: 0408 22 44 93

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Every kitten is planned and loved from before they are born.
Breeding gorgeous kittens in variety  of colours
and patterns including
the rare minks and solid Ragdolls.

Phone: 0400071676

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Ragdoll Breeders - Queensland

Beautiful, healthy, indoor companions. Show/pet.

Cats/kittens lovingly raised and living in our home, and are very much our family.

Traditional colours and patterns. Kittens desexed, 2 x vaccinations, wormed, pedigree registered QFA.

To approved homes only.

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Selectively breeding Ragdoll Cats and Kittens that TRULY do possess UNIQUE TEMPERAMENT, SIZE and BEAUTY!!!

From 100% Traditional and 100% Old English Lines.

In Traditional Colours and Patterns, Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac in Pointed, Mitted and Bi-Colour.

Interstate and overseas enquiries welcome.

Brisbane, Queensland.  Phone: (07) 5495 5260/0419 955 250

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"A Dream Come True"

We are a small cattery, our goal is to breed quality Ragdolls true to type and temperament.
Our stunning cats have lines from Canada, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand and England.
Our kittens are raised in our home from birth until they leave for their forever home.
All our breeding cats are tested and free from HCM and PKD.

Phone Jo-Anne on 0417538862

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Ragdoll Breeders - South Australia


Breeders of gorgeous, fluffy, healthy, well socialised, blue eyed kittens that are born and raised in our home. Traditional colours & patterns.  Lilacs & Chocolates available early 2008.

Registered Breeder GCCFSA & FASA
Overseas & Interstate Enquiries Most Welcome

Meadows, South Australia
(08) 8388 3689 / 0417 890343

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Traditional Ragdolls. Bred for their magnificent natures, Beautiful blue eyes & outstanding size. Vaccinated & health guaranteed.

Local, Interstate & Overseas inquires welcome.

Phone: 08 85243644    Mobile 0417865828

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Ragdoll Breeders - Tasmania


Breeding in most colours in bi-colours, colour pointed & mitted for temperament, size, health.

Show/breeding & loving pets.

Prue Burleigh, Tasmania

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Ragdoll Breeders - Victoria


We aim to breed beautiful show quality Ragdolls with purrfect
temperaments. Our Kittens are happy, healthy & all are raised in our
family home with a lot of time, care & love.

Please contact Nicola on:
Phone 0433 448 808
Melbourne, Victoria

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Ragdoll Breeders - Western Australia


Breeding for quality and temperament.

Perth, Western Australia.

Phone: 0409685798 or 0407606023

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(Mandurah, Western Australia)

Michele Brandis
Phone: (08) 9534 7017

Dedicated to raising healthy, well socialised kittens completely content with living indoors

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