Abyssinian cat

Most Loving Breeds of Cat

Purebred cats come in all shapes and sizes and all have unique traits, some are energetic, others are calm, some are independent while other cats love to be with their human family at all times. We look at some of the more loving breeds of cat. Most affectionate breeds of cat don’t like to be […]

Mast cell tumour in cats

Mast Cell Tumours in Cats-Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Also known as a mastocytoma, mast cell tumours (MCT’s) are skin tumours which have arisen from mast cells, which are a type of white blood cell formed in the bone marrow. Mast cells are found throughout the body, but are concentrated at points of contact between the cat and the outside world, especially the skin, […]

Behaviour Changes In Cats and What They Mean

Changes in behavour can be the first clue that there is something wrong with your cat. Cats are hardwired to hide signs of sickness, but subtle changes should warrant investigation. Cats should visit their veterinarian at least once a year for a health check-up, and cats over seven years of age should have bi-annual visits. […]


Cuterebra in Cats – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Cuterebra (pronounced cuter-ree-brah) are larvae of the botfly who are obligate parasites to rabbits and other lagomorphs.  Cats are accidental hosts who become infected when they come into contact with infective larvae (also known as bots or maggots). Cuterebriasis is the medical term for infection with Cuterebra Myiasis is the medical term for infection by […]

Cat Emergencies That Can’t Wait

Some medical situations are life-threatening and need medical attention. We look at a number of immediately life-threatening conditions which can occur in cats requiring immediate medical attention. Delaying medical treatment prolongs suffering in your cat, and the emergency can progress to the point that it can no longer be treated.

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