Pros Of Adopting A Senior Cat


Adopting a senior cat

When choosing a new cat to adopt, many people overlook older cats in favour of cute kittens. There are many reasons people should consider adopting a senior cat.

 What you see is what you get

While there isn’t as much size variation in cats as there is in dogs, adopting a senior cat means you know how big he is, there is no more growing to do and there are no surprises when the tiny kitten grows into a 10kg adult.

An older cat has already developed his character, so you know what you are getting, be it a friendly and outgoing personality or a more quiet and placid cat.

Senior cats are calmer

They have outgrown the kitten phase of night time crazies, chewing your handbag and eating the plants and are generally calmer. Senior cats are much more content to just hang in the sun and watch the world go by.

Senior cats are usually overlooked

Almost everybody finds a kitten irresistible, and so often lovely natured senior cats are ignored in favour of the cute kitten.

An older cat can be a better option for young families

Sometimes small children can be a little rough with young kittens, an older cat is generally more robust and is a better option for young children.

Older cats need love too

Old cats just want a good home with a warm lap and lots of love. They are every bit as deserving as their younger counterparts.

All the work has been done for you

Older cats have already been desexed and litter trained, meaning you don’t have to do so.

They often have a sad story to tell

There are many reasons why older cats may end up at a shelter. They have been handed in once a couple has a child. Their owner has died or moved into a retirement home or they are no longer loved and wanted. Every pet deserves to be cherished into old age.

You may be their only chance

A kitten will almost always find a home, many seniors don’t. So why not give them a chance of a loving new home? They will reward you with many years of cuddles and love. I have adopted several adult cats and have not once regretted doing so.

Where can I adopt a senior cat from?

Almost all animal shelters have plenty of senior cats who desperately need a loving home. If you are looking for a purebred cat, some breeders are often looking for a new home for a former breeding cat. Speak to your local cat association.