Australian Mist Breed Profile

Australian Mist at a glance:

  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Energy: Medium to high
  • Temperament: Outgoing, intelligent, playful
  • Weight: Males 5-6 kg (11 – 13 lbs), females 4-5 kg (8.8 – 11 lbs)
  • Colours:  Peach; brown; blue; chocolate; lilac; caramel and gold.
  • Grooming: Requires weekly grooming

History of the Australian Mist:

Australian Mist

Another relative newcomer to the cat fancy is the Australian Mist. Developed by Dr Truda Straede of Nintu Cattery. It began in  1977, when Dr Straede wanted to develop an Australian cat with the characteristics of both the Burmese and the Abyssinian, also incorporating the domestic shorthair into the mix. A breeding plan was submitted to the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Cat Control (now known as the NSW Cat Fanciers Association). The first generation was accepted on the experimental breeding register in 1980 and the first litter of the fourth generation was registered in April of 1986.

The Burmese were used for their laid-back nature and dilute colours, the Abyssinians for their ticking and the domestics for their spots and vigour. The gene pool of over 30 cats consisted of half Burmese, quarter Abyssinian and quarter domestic.  The breed was known originally as the “Spotted Mist”, and that name fitted the breed of the time, however, the marbled pattern was introduced and in 1998 the name was changed to Australian Mist.

The breed is accepted by all of the cat associations in Australia and many overseas ones. The Australian Mist arrived in the United Kingdom in 2007.

Appearance of the Australian Mist:

Australian Mist Australian Mist

The Australian Mist is a medium and well-proportioned cat. There is nothing extreme about the Australian Mist.

The coat is short and can come in either the spotted or marbled pattern. They come in seven colours, peach; brown; blue; chocolate; lilac; caramel and gold.

The slightly round head is large, the nose has a slight dip with no break, large green eyes, medium to large ears, wide at the base, firm chin and strong whisker pads.

Personality of the Australian Mist:

The Australian Mist is an extremely friendly, playful and outgoing cat. It gets along well with people, including children and other pets, making it the perfect family pet.

They are very human-oriented and like to be around people all the time. Due to their nature, they make the perfect indoor pet.

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