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Hypoallergenic Cats – Do They Exist?

Cat allergy facts   What causes cat allergies   Why can some allergic people tolerate rex cats?   How can I reduce allergen levels in my cat and home? Cat allergy facts Before I discuss what is causing the allergies I have some interesting facts for you. Around 2-15% of the world’s population is allergic to cats and […]

Removing Hair Mats From Cats

Do Cats Need A Bath?

How To Care For A Cat

Can’t Afford The Vet? Tips & Suggestions on How to Obtain Care.

People regularly join our forums seeking medical advice on a sick pet they can’t afford veterinary care for. Unfortunately, nobody online, not even veterinarians can safely diagnose a sick pet via the Internet. The only way to obtain proper medical care is to see a veterinarian. But what does the pet owner do if they […]

Excessive Tear Production & Tear Staining in Cats

Preventive Care in Cats – How To Keep Your Cat Healthy & Safe

Sharing your life with a cat is a rewarding and enriching experience. Cats have so much to offer including love and companionship. But we must face the fact that along with this comes the responsibility of caring for their physical and emotional wellbeing. Cats will get sick from time to time, but there are ways […]

Cat Proofing Your Home – Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Cat Safe

Before you bring your new cat home it is important to spend some time kitten proofing to ensure the house is safe for your new addition. One useful way to visualise potential hazards is to look at your house from your cat’s level. Bear in mind that kittens are adept climbers and jumpers, and are […]

How to Pill a Cat – A Step By Step Guide to Pilling a Cat

Pilling a cat is one of the most dreaded aspects of cat care. Cats are smart and will often be able to sniff out any ideas we may have about tricking them into taking a pill such. Hopefully, this article will help cat owners to pill their cat with minimal stress to both themselves and […]

Declawing A Cat (Onychectomy)

What is declawing?   Why declaw?   Are there side effects?   Alternatives to declawing   Medical reasons to declaw  At a glance:  Also called: Onychectomy About: Declawing is the surgical removal of the claws on the front feet. There are several ways to perform this surgery, all of which will be under general anesthesia. Side effects: Post-surgical infection, […]

Cost of Keeping a Cat – Initial and Ongoing Costs

Many new pet owners think the initial outlay is the most expensive element of owning a cat, especially those looking to buy a purebred which can cost several hundred dollars. Certainly, it is true, to get yourself set up does cost money, and we will cover this shortly. However, ongoing costs can also add up […]

Cats & Babies – Can They Co Exist?

Can a newborn be around cats?   Keeping baby safe   Cats and disease   Myths about cats and babies Nothing attracts more opinion than pregnancy. All of a sudden everybody is an expert on your health and welfare and that extends to pet ownership.  Every year a huge number of cats are surrendered to shelters because a […]

Grief in Cats – How To Help Your Pet

Grief in cats    Signs of grief    How can I help my cat?    Should I get another pet? About: People often don’t realise that just like humans, cats can suffer from the loss of a pet or human companion. Cats are sensitive creatures who commonly form close bonds with other pets or humans. We will never […]

How To Trim Your Cat’s Claws – Including Photos

Trimming a cat’s claws is something many cat owners are afraid to do, but it is not hard. Getting your cat used to having his feet and claws handled from an early age can make the whole process easier.  This can be done by gently massaging your cat’s feet, although some cats will always be […]

Cat Evacuation Plan

Hookworms in Cats – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

What are hookworms?   Transmission   Symptoms   Are hookworms dangerous?   Diagnosis   Treatment  Hookworms at a glance:  About: Hookworms are small parasitic worms which live in the small intestines. Transmission: Cats become infected via skin penetration, ingesting larvae in the environment and possibly in-utero and via the mother’s milk. Symptoms: In many cases, there will be no symptoms […]

Caring For a Blind Cat

Adopting a Kitten or Cat

How To Stop A Cat Eating Dog Food

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