Cat Emergencies That Can’t Wait

Some medical situations are life-threatening and need medical attention. We look at a number of immediately life-threatening conditions which can occur in cats requiring immediate medical attention. Delaying medical treatment prolongs suffering in your cat, and the emergency can progress to the point that it can no longer be treated.

Feeding fussy cats

Feeding Advice For Fussy Cats

Unlike dogs, cat have a reputation for being somewhat fussy when it comes to food. I think this is somewhat of a mismoner. Cats aren’t intentionally fussy, there’s always a reason why a cat becomes fussy over food. This article looks at common causes of food rejection in cats and what you can do to […]

Cat Products Which Should Be Regularly Replaced

Over time, many of the products you use for your cat will suffer from wear or tear and decline in their effectiveness. We look at how often, and what type of cat products should be replaced.

Keeping Cats Off Houseplants

Petting induced aggression in cats

Petting Induced Aggression in Cats-Causes & Treatment

What is petting-induced aggression? Petting-induced aggression common problem many cat owners experiences. One minute you are enjoying some time petting your cat and all of a sudden he turns around takes a bite or swipe and then runs off and hides. The cause of this behaviour is unknown although it is thought that some cats […]

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