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If you would like to send in your cat photos to go in this gallery, please email us. We will need to know the breed, colour and name.

Beau and Ty – Blue and Chocolate Point Birmans Ty – Chocolate Point Birman  
Tawny Somali  
Tarek – Tawny Somali Karli – Snoeshoe  
Indi – Devon Rex Oliver – Ginger and white domestic shorthair  
Siberian cat  
Chloe & Izzy – Domestic Shorthairs Abbey – Siberian Cat  
Tabby domestic shorthair Tabby domestic shorthair  
Misty – Tabby domestic shorthair Babes – Tabby domestic shorthair  
Chocolate Burmese Domestic shorthair  
Stella – Chocolate Burmese Vinnie – Domestic shorthair  
Cookie – Domestic medium hair Bolt (dog) and Bear (kitten)  
White domestic shorthair Tawny Abyssinian  
Eva – White domestic shorthair Piper – Tawny Abyssinian  
LuLu – Black & white domestic longhair Neo – Domestic longhair  
Florin – Domestic shorthair Amelia  
Persian longhair  
Kiwi & Milo (RIP)  Cheetah – Persian Longhair  
Lynx Point Birman Ginger & white domestic shorthair  
Gizmo – Lynx Point Birman Phoebe – Ginger & white domestic shorthair  
Seal point Balinese  
Frank – Grey & white domestic shorthai Chloe – Seal Point Balinese  
Domestic medium hair Devon Rex  
Puddin’ – Domestic medium hair Bree – Tortoishell Devon Rex  
American Shorthair & Ragdoll  
Azul American Shorthair & Ragdoll  
Ginger & white domestic shorthair  
Kevin – Ginger & white domestic shorthair Karli – Snoeshoe & Leo – Tonkinese cross  
Devon Rex  
Karli – Snowshoe    
Siamese/Ragdoll mix Domestic longhair  
Diesel Muiz – Domestic Longhair  

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