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cat world records

Oldest living cat

Scooter, a 30-year-old Siamese cat from Mansfield, Texas has been named the world’s oldest cat. Scooter celebrated his 30th birthday on 26th March 2016. Edit: It would seem that just days after being named world’s oldest cat, Scooter sadly passed away.

September 2017 – Nutmeg, the world’s oldest cat passed away at the ripe old age of 34 this week.

There has not been an announcement yet as to who is now the world’s oldest cat but Teddy, a 26-year-old cat from Werribee, Australia has been put forward as a contender.

Oldest cat ever

The oldest cat was Creme Puff of Austin, Texas. Born on August 3, 1967, Creme Puff passed away in August 2005 at the age of thirty-eight.

Also deserving mention.

Puss, who was born in 1903. Puss was owned by Mrs T. Holway of Devon. Puss passed away on November 29, 1939, one day after his thirty-sixth birthday.

Granpa, who lived to the ripe old age of 34. Granpa Rexs Allen (Granpa, for short) was a Sphynx adopted from the Humane Society in Texas .

Longest fur on a cat

The longest fur measures in at a whopping 10.11 (25.6cm) and belongs to a cat called Sophie, from Oceanside, California.

Heaviest cat

Himmy who lived in Cairns, Queensland, is the heaviest recorded cat, weighing in at a staggering 21.3kg (46.8lbs). Himmy, a desexed tabby, died of respiratory failure at the age of ten.

Many sources mention a cat by the name of Snowbie, who reputedly weighs 44kg. Personally, I find this hard to believe, especially as Himmy’s weight was 46.8lbs. That would make Snowbie twice Himmy’s weight. My own conclusion is that somebody mistook Snowbie’s weight in pounds for kilos, and this error has been copied over and over again. So, presuming Snowbie does, in fact, weigh 44lbs, this makes him the world’s second heaviest cat on record, and the heaviest living cat.  Snowbie resides in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with his owner Lorna.

There is a new contender for the world’s heaviest cat. Five-year-old Katy, who lives in Russia, reportedly weighs 20kg. Katy’s owners had hoped to have her recognised as the world’s heaviest cat with the Guinness World Records. However, they are no longer accepting nominations in this category, as they don’t want to encourage pet owners to overfeed their animals.

Lightest cat

The world’s smallest cat is a Blue Point Himalayan by the name of Tinker Toy from the USA. Tinker Toy was just 2¾ inches tall (at the shoulder) and 7½ inches long (about the size of a cheque book) and weighed 1lb and 8oz. Tinker Toy was featured in an article in the August 31, 1993, issue of National Enquirer. (If anybody has a copy of this magazine I would love to hear from you.)

Sadly, Tinker Toy passed away in November 1997. Many thanks to Scott and Katrina for their help.

World’s smallest cat

Mr Peebles, a two-year-old, domestic cat of Central Illinois, holds the Guinness World Records award for the smallest living cat, weighing in around 3lbs, he is 6.1 inches high.

Apparently, his small stature is due to a genetic defect.

Cat with the most toes

Eighteen toes are the normal number for cats. A five-year-old moggy from Ontario, Canada is in the Guinness World Records for having the most toes. Jake has a total of twenty-seven toes.

Unofficially, Mooch—who lives with his owners Bob and Becky Duval in Maine, USA—is the winner, having twenty-eight toes. Mooch’s owners have submitted evidence to the Guinness World Records; watch out Jake!!!

In July 2010, I was contacted by Rory, who had written an article on Bandit, a cat with twenty-nine toes. You can read about Bandit here.

Cats with more than the “normal” number of toes are called Polydactyl. Poly comes from the Greek word polys, which means many or more than one. Dactyl also comes from the Greek word daktylos, or finger. Polydactyls are also known as Hemingway cats.

Most kittens produced by a domestic cat

By 1952, Dusty—a Tabby moggy from Texas—had given birth to a total number of 420 kittens in her lifetime.

Largest litter of kittens born

On August 7, 1970, a four-year-old Burmese called Tarawood Antigone, who was owned by Valerie Gane of Oxfordshire, UK, gave birth to nineteen kittens. The surviving fifteen kittens consisted of one female and fourteen males.

Longest cat tail and tallest cat

The longest tail on a domestic cat measures in at 17.58 inches, the cat, a silver Maine Coon named Cygnus lives with his family in Southfield, Michigan.

Interestingly, Cygnus shares his home with Arcturus Aldebaran, a Savannah who currently holds the world record for the tallest cat, standing at 19.05 inches.

Longest cat

Stewie the Maine Coon also holds the world record for being the longest cat in the world measuring in at 48.5 inches (123 cm). Read about Stewie here.

Oldest feline mother

Kitty, owned by George Johnstone of Staffordshire, UK, gave birth to two kittens at the ripe, old age of thirty. During her life, Kitty produced a total of 218 kittens. Kitty died two years later. Smutty, a tortie owned by Eileen Martin of Cornwall produced a black and white kitten at the age of 28.

World’s most well-travelled cat

A cat by the name of Hamlet escaped from his carrier while on a flight from Toronto, Canada. Hamlet was discovered seven weeks later, behind a panel. In this time, he had travelled approximately 600,000km.

World’s most expensive cat

An Asian Leopard Cat (ALC)/Domestic Shorthair (DSH ) hybrid, bred by Esmond Gay, is the world’s most expensive cat. Zeus, who is 90% ALC and 10% DSH has an asking price of £100,000.00.

Longest non-fatal fall

Andy, who was owned by a Florida Senator by the name of Ken Myer holds the world record for the longest non-fatal fall. Andy fell from the 16th floor (200 feet) of an apartment building.

Longest post-earthquake survival by a cat

A cat was discovered alive in a collapsed building 80 days after an earthquake in Taiwan in December 1999.

World’s richest cat

Ben Rea of the UK left his cat Blackie £7 million in his will.

Most cats

Jack and Donna Wright of Kingston, Ontario, made their way to the Guinness World Records for having the highest number of cats. According to the Guinness World Records, they have 689 cats.

World’s fastest feline

The cheetah is the world’s fastest cat, able to reach speeds of 70mph.

Best mouser

The world’s best mouser was tortoiseshell moggy Towser (April 21, 1963, to March 20, 1987). In her lifetime, she caught 28,899 mice, plus numerous other unfortunate creatures, such as rats and rabbits. Towser worked for the Glenturret Distillery. A statue has been erected in the distillery grounds to honour Towser.


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