How To Thank A Veterinarian


We all know our veterinarians and their staff perform miracles. Many will go out on a limb to help an animal in need, be it one of our beloved pets or an injured wild animal. It is a physically and emotionally challenging job with many ups and downs. We take a look at how to thank a veterinarian and make them know they are appreciated for all they do.

Hand write a letter or card

This one costs almost nothing and is probably one of the best ways to thank a veterinarian. A genuine heart-felt note to thank them for what they have done will make their day. It is human nature to complain about poor service, but most of us don’t think to give credit when credit is due.

Going one step further, include a photo and an update of the pet the veterinarian has treated. Often they will only see the animal during an emergency, a follow-up photo and progress report would be appreciated.

Buy them a coffee

Don’t forget the nurses and staff on reception either. Vets and their staff work long hours and many don’t get time to eat, let alone drink. Next time you’re passing, surprise them with some coffees or better still, buy them a gift voucher at a local cafe.

Send them some treats

If you are feeling extra generous, bake or buy them a basket of muffins to go with the coffee and add a small hand-written note, it doesn’t need to be long, just a simple ‘thank you’.

Give them a positive review

All businesses rely on word of mouth and positive feedback. A great review singing the praises of a veterinarian and/or the practice can also help pet owners find a veterinary practice they can trust.

Make a donation

Donate to a charitable organisation such as an animal shelter or research group in their name.

Some practices have an emergency fund which is used to treat injured animals (usually wildlife) brought in off the street. Ask your local veterinary practice if such a fund exists and if you can make a donation.

Send them some flowers

Brighten up the reception area with a bunch of flowers. Due to the severe toxicity of lilies, select carefully, not that a cat in the waiting room is likely to get to the lilies, but many practices do have an in-house cat, and it could also lead pet lovers to think lilies are safe to be around cats. We have provided a list of cat-safe flowers here.

Give them movie tickets or a gift certificate for a nice restaurant

Who doesn’t appreciate a night out to unwind?

Last word:

Don’t go overboard and spend an excessive amount of money, it is not only unnecessary, but it could also have tax implications. Most veterinarians are more than happy with a thank you card, but if you do want to buy them a little something, hopefully the suggestions above will be of help.

Last Saturday of April – World veterinary day

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