Primordial pouch in cats

Primordial Pouch (Cat Belly Flap) – What is it?

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A large number of cats have a loose flap of skin which runs along the length of the belly but is most pronounced towards the rear, just in front of the hind legs. It can often be seen swaying from side to side when the cat moves.

Pet owners often attribute it to weight gain, but the primordial pouch can occur on cats of all shapes and sizes, even slim ones.

Do spaying and neutering cause the primordial pouch?

Primordial pouch

No, cats either have a primordial pouch or they don’t it has nothing to do with spaying or neutering.

What purpose does the primordial pouch serve?

We don’t know for sure, but the most obvious theories are that it serves four purposes.

  • To protect the vulnerable internal organs in the event of a fight. If you have ever seen cats in a fight, you may have noticed that they often kick each other with their hind legs and their sharp claws.

Primordial pouch

  • To enable the cat to stretch out when running at high speed or jumping.

Primordial pouch

  • For greater stomach expansion if a cat gorges on a large meal.
  • To provide a fat reserve in the event of leaner times. I’m not convinced about this because the primordial pouch is mostly loose skin and fur.

What’s the difference between a primordial pouch and an overweight cat?

Obesity is a serious and growing health concern among domestic cats. It is our responsibility to keep a close eye on our cats to make sure they don’t gain too much weight.

  • The primordial pouch is a loose flap of skin, and you may notice it jiggles from side to side when a cat trots towards you. It is located on the underside of the belly, and if you look down on the cat, it will be difficult to see.
  • The obese cat’s belly has an overall rounder shape, that will not jiggle from side to side the way the skin of the primordial pouch does. You should be able to feel the ribs when you run your hands along the cat’s sides; if you can’t, the cat is overweight.

Primordial pouch

Primordial pouch

Obese cat
This is an obese cat

The cat directly above is severely obese and runs the risk of developing several diseases due to her weight.

Primordial pouch removal

It is not possible to get rid of the primordial pouch with weight loss, and it would be unethical to surgically remove it. In no way does the primordial pouch have a detrimental effect on the cat.

Do all cats have a primordial pouch?

Not all cats have a primordial pouch
Not all cats have a primordial pouch

No, not all cats have a primordial pouch. It is very common in both domestic breeds of cat as well as several pure breeds.

It’s not only domestic cats, but the photo below also shows that even big cats can have a primordial pouch.

Primordial pouch

Breeds permitted to have a primordial pouch

Some cat councils/associations allow the primordial pouch in certain breeds. What that means is the primordial pouch is an allowance that has been written into the breed standard for those particular breeds.

Other names for the primordial pouch

  • Belly flap
  • Spay sway
  • Apron
  • Fat pouch
  • Belly bag