Skin Scraping Test in Cats


Skin scraping test for cats

What is a skin scraping test?

A skin scraping test is a diagnostic test to determine the cause of almost all skin disorders in cats.

There are many possible skin problems that can affect cats including fungal, parasitic, inflammations, infections, cancer, allergies & more. Skin scraping tests can help determine the cause of the skin problem, confirm the presence of inflammatory cells, cancerous cells, bacteria, skin parasites such as mites, parasite eggs, fungi etc.

What happens?

A skin scraping test uses a scalpel blade to gently scrape along the surface of the skin. It is necessary to do this deep enough to reach mites, which often burrow quite deeply. You will see a small amount of blood as a result.

Sometimes skin scrapings will need to be taken from several spots on your cat in order to check for the presence of mites.

The veterinarian will be looking for signs of fungal infection, mites, cell cytology, and bacteria.

Is the test painful?

It can cause a little discomfort. But shouldn’t be overly painful for your cat. Pain relief is not necessary to perform this test. 

What can a skin scraping test diagnose?

Skin cancer, sarcoptic mange, cheyletiellosis (walking dandruff), ringworm, chiggers, miliary dermatitis, notoedric mange, eosinophilic granuloma complex to name a few.