Smallest Breeds of Cat – 5 Smallest Domestic Breeds


At a glance

  • Singapura
  • Burmese
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Bombay
  • Munchkin


Singapura cat

The Singapura is one of my favourites. They are extremely friendly, outgoing, sociable, playful, in, inquisitive, intelligent, lively, affectionate. Our little boy is quite an in your face type cat, he is always happy to greet strangers and demand attention.

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau

The oldest breed of cat. The Egyptian Mau is affectionate, loves to climb, talkative, friendly, playful. When they are happy they wag their tails.


Bombay cat The Bombay has a beautiful, sleek, jet black coat. They are energetic, loving, intelligent, sociable, playful, some can be quite talkative. It is said that many Bombays are happy to walk on a harness.


Chocolate Burmese The Burmese are a wonderful family pet. Probably my favourite breed. They are loving, friendly, intelligent, playful, loyal, generally fairly quiet, placid, affectionate, love to sit on your lap. Girls are usually quite petite, boys can be larger.


Munchkin cat The Munchkin is a sweet natured cat, outgoing, personable, confident and adventurous.


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